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Chapter 1, Lesson 1 Multimedia

Particles of a Liquid

A close up of the particles that make up water. The particles are represented as spheres and are moving constantly. They are attracted to one another, but can slide past each other.

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  • The little spheres represent water molecules.
  • Molecules are in constant motion.
  • The attractions water molecules have for each other keep them close together.
  • They can move past each other but their attractions keep them from moving far apart from each other.

Water Molecules

A simplified diagram of water 'molecules' in room temperature water.  The water molecules are represented as circles.
  • The circles in this drawing represent water molecules.
  • They are not in any exact order, but are near each other because of their attractions.
  • The motion lines near some of the circles show that the molecules are in motion.

Water Balloon

A high speed camera records a man popping a water balloon on the beach. The high speed camera shows how the water molecules hold together for an instant before gravity brings all the water crashing to the ground.

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Water molecules are so attracted to each other that even after the balloon pops, the water molecules stay together keeping the shape of the balloon.