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Tell Us What You Think

We are interested in getting some feedback from people who have used Middle School Chemistry. If you could take a moment to complete the brief survey below, it would really help us out. Thank you!

About You

Please tell us about your classroom and setting.

  1. With which grade(s) did you use Middle School Chemistry? Please select all that apply.
  2. Which of the following best describes your instructional setting?
  3. About how many students have you used Middle School Chemistry with?
  4. How many lessons from Middle School Chemistry have you used?

Your Feedback

Please rate the extent to which you agree with with the following statements.

  1. My students understand science better as a result of using Middle School Chemistry.
  2. Middle School Chemistry enhanced my science content knowledge.
  3. Middle School Chemistry content aligns well with science concepts I am required to teach.
  4. How does Middle School Chemistry compare to other physical science teaching resources (websites, textbooks, etc.) that you have used?
  5. Would you reccomend Middle School Chemistry to a friend?

Optional Information

Please note: the following fields are not required.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your opinions about Middle School Chemistry in more detail. If you wouldn't mind being contacted, please include your name and email address below. We promise we will not give your e-mail address to anyone else, or use it in any other way than to contact you for more information about the feedback you've provided through this form. Scout's honor.