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Remote Learning Assignments: Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat are the Remote Learning Assignments?

AEach Remote Learning Assignment is a Google Form containing a series of videos, images, and questions from a Middle School Chemistry lesson. Here is a short walkthrough of one of these assignments.

QHow can I use these assignments to teach students chemistry?

AThese forms are intended to teach and reinforce new concepts, and not to assess understanding at the end of a unit. These forms may be assigned to students to complete asynchronously, or be used during a synchronous virtual class. The assignments can be used in order, but this is not necessary. Each form may be used alone, and teachers may choose to cover specific chapters or sections that support their existing curriculum.

QHow can I access these assignments?

AClick on a lesson on the remote learning page to make a copy of that assignment in your Google Drive account. Please make a copy, and do not change the url in any way. Watch a short videos showing how to copy, edit, and assign these forms.

QThe videos do not play in my copies of the assignments. I see a picture instead. What is going on?

AThe videos do not play in these editable versions of the forms. The videos will work when you assign the forms to students. You can see the student view, along with the videos, by clicking on the “eyeball” symbol at the top right of your copy of a form. This allows you to view each part of the assignment as a student will see it, along with the videos.

QCan I view the videos without going through the student versions of the forms?

AYes! Here are links to the videos for each Chapter:

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

QMy school’s web filtering settings are blocking the videos from playing. What can I do?

AAsk your system administrator to allow YouTube videos from the American Chemical Society to play. They can whitelist “”.

QWho has access to the names and email addresses collected in these assignments?

AOnce the copy is created in your Google Drive, you are the owner of that copy. ACS and Middle School Chemistry cannot access your copy, or any student responses.

QCan I make changes to an assignment?

AYou may choose to assign your copy to students without making any edits. You may also choose to change the title, add or delete questions, and make changes to any of the settings.

QCan I change the font size?

AGoogle Forms have limitations, including font size. Encourage your students to make the font larger when completing these forms. Show students how to enlarge a web page on their screen so that the font is easier to read. For Google Chrome users, point out the magnifying glass at the right of the browser address bar.

QHow can I assign it to my students?

AYou can assign it from the Google Form. Click on the “Send” button at the top right of the form. The “Send Form” box will appear with a few options. You can email the form to students by entering their email addresses or a class email list. You can select the link symbol at the top center, copy the link to the specific assignment, and share the link with students in a chat box, on a website, or through a learning management system. Alternatively, you can use platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology, PowerSchool, etc. to assign a Remote Learning Assignment. These services allow you to directly access your Google Drive account and create assignments with your Google Drive files.

QHow long will it take for my students to complete an assignment?

AAs a first estimate, assume students will need 20-30 minutes to complete an assignment. The time required for students to complete these assignments will vary dramatically based on their grade level, familiarity with the concepts being covered, and length of the specific lesson. The total number of questions in each assignment is listed at the top of each form.

QCan students save their work and come back later?

AStudents must complete and submit the assignment in one session. If they need to take a break, they should leave the window open and finish and submit as soon as possible.

QHow is the form graded?

AMultiple choice questions are automatically graded. Teachers can manually grade the written response questions. All questions are set as 1 point.

QHow can students see their results?

AImmediately after submitting an assignment, students can click on “View Accuracy” and see their results and the correct answers to the multiple choice questions. They will also receive an email with a link to this information. When manual grading is complete, students can see updated results by selecting “View Score” at the top of the email they received after submitting the assignment.

QWhat are the current settings in these Google Forms?

AThe forms collect student names and email addresses. This allows students to receive an email with a copy of the work they submit, and a link to view their results. Since the form is located in the teacher’s Google Drive account, the teacher’s account collects all responses. The names, email addresses, and student answers are not accessible by ACS. Students can not edit their responses after submitting. Students can complete the same form more than once. If they need more practice, encourage them to submit a second response. All questions are set to 1 point each. Students will receive an email after they submit their assignment, which includes their answers and a link to see their results.