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The CCELA and

The Connection between the NGSS and the CCELA Standards

The NGSS states that “Literacy skills are critical to building knowledge in science”. While students participate in the science and engineering practices outlined in the NGSS, they develop reading and writing skills that are useful in science learning and communication. As these literacy skills develop, students are able to read and understand more science and technical writing and communicate their learning more effectively. So the NGSS and the CCELA can be seen as working in tandem.

To make this connection, the online version of the NGSS has an area beneath the foundation boxes where it lists Common Core State Standards Connections for ELA/Literacy. The standards listed come from a section of the CCELA Standards for “Science and Technical Subjects”. These standards are divided into sets for 6-8 (middle school), 9-10, and 11-12.

To decide which of these CCELA standards to include as connecting to NGSS standards, the NGSS writers focused on the particular Science and Engineering Practices included in the Performance Expectations. In Appendix M of the NGSS, a table shows which Reading and Writing Standards for Science and Technical Subjects connects to which Science and Engineering Practices.

For the alignment of CCELA Standards to the lessons in, we also looked at the Science and Engineering Practice in the Performance Expectations but included connections to other CCELA Standards for Science and Technical Subjects for additional Science and Engineering Practices that would necessarily be covered in the lessons.

Lesson Alignments

To read about how a particular lesson addresses the Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts for an CCELA standard, simply choose the lesson to go to the CCELA alignment for that lesson.