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Learn how to incorporate scientific investigations into your middle school science curriculum by attending a workshop based on lessons from

This hands-on workshop, given by authors of the website, helps teachers review chemistry-related physical science content while showing how the lessons can be used in the classroom.

What will I learn in a Middle School Chemistry workshop?

As teachers conduct the activities, they contribute their own ideas, help design experiments, and discuss possible explanations for their observations. All activities cover important physical science concepts taught in grades 6 through 8 and can easily be integrated into any curriculum.

Workshop participants will:

  • Conduct science investigations that build physical science and inquiry skills
  • Conduct activities highlighting the states of matter, density, solubility, and chemical change
  • Enhance their content knowledge of physical science phenomena using molecular model animations and illustrations

Attend a session

Workshops are being held at the following science education conferences this year. While registration is not necessary for the workshop, you must register for the conference in order to attend the workshop.

Upcoming Middle School Chemistry workshop dates and locations.
Dates in 2016 Location Conference Format
October 28 Minneapolis, MN NSTA regional meeting Series of four 1-hour workshops in Minneapolis, MN
November 11 Portland, OR NSTA regional meeting Series of four 1-hour workshops in Portland, OR
December 2 Columbus, OH NSTA regional meeting Series of four 1-hour workshops in Columbus, OH